Luxury short-term accommodation in Daylesford. Welcome to your chic hideaway from home.



Where to Eat

Find amazing and enticing places to eat, drink, catch up with friends or just relax. Daylesford has everything you could possibly crave and all those things you would love to try. Here are some of Mount Olive's personal favourites! Good luck choosing...

Where to Relax

Daylesford is the heart and soul of spa country... Let this guide help pick the perfect environment for you to unwind, unfold and slip into your perfect day of pampering. Daylesford has everything you could ever need to achieve absolute bliss. Here's some of our favourites!

What to do

You couldn't possibly get bored with the things to see and do in Daylesford. Let the town entrance you with everything it has. It might be discovering the boutiqes or the many bush and lake tracks, tasting decadent chocolate or exploring the sights on horse back. Whatever it is, let us take you there. 



“While still in Daylesford, this haven feels like an escape to the country with long verandahs on which to sit and watch the sun setting below the adjacent Doctors Gully.”


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